Help me determine if this is a good deal for M440i


Talked with a dealer in Bay Area California, here’s the breakdown:

msrp $71220
pre incentives $64800 (9% off msrp, quite the same as suggestion on Edmund)
bmw incentives $1500
rebate program $0 (None of the common rebates programs applies to me, I have USAA membership and I attended 2019 Ultimate driving events, but I guess those are not able to utilized)
sales price $63300 (11.2% off msrp)
0 down pay, OTD $2000

here’s the calculation with MF and Residue

From my understanding, I still have some room on pre incentives price and dealer fee upfront, but I don’t know how much room I have. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

The numbers in the calculator aren’t right.

CA caps the dealer (doc) fee at $85. Registration alone on that car in CA will probably be $7-800, so the gov fees can’t be right, and I’m not sure how you went from a 9% discount to 11.1% as shown…

With all of that said, look at the three other M440 threads from the past week.

Even with a good dealer discount, paying $8XX a month for a 4 Series is going to get old by the third payment, and you’ll probably want to drink bleach when you see what they lease for a year from now.


I agree, the monthly payment isn’t good so far, I did find some deals in soCal could have a lower monthly closed to $720. What do you think about all the fee upfront, is should be less than $900 right?

You should probably aim for 11% off pre incentives based on what the brokers are offering in the marketplace sections (looks like you’re at around 9). The new 4 series isn’t exactly flying off the salesfloor.

That said, the car still doesn’t lease very well.

You need to separate incentives from the dealer discount in the calculator, don’t combine them.

The amount up front will be whatever you want the amount up front to be, there isn’t a “right” amount.

USAA membership should result in an additional incentive of $500, unless it is already accounted for. OL codes (BMW driving events) have an expiration date.

You need to separate out the incentives from the sale price. Looks like your actual dealer discount is 9%.

:point_up::point_up: What they said.

Usaa was discontinued in September. You need penfed now.

My bad.

@lwzfunk - There is some info about signing up for Penfed here: PenFed Benefits - Up to $2000 BMW Volvo MB FCA Mini (usually $500 towards leases). All you need is $5 to open an account. After being a member for 60 days, you will be able to generate a certificate worth $500. “Free” money to put towards your lease.

Thank you very much! But I actually need to get a car by the end of this month so I might not be able to utilize this deal.

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