Help me! 2016 Chrysler 300 Los Angeles/OC California

Hey Hackr’s,

I need help! These dealers are so hard to navigate in Los Angeles. They won’t give me a straight answer with the numbers.

I’m looking for a Chrysler 300 limited/s/c. Any model will do but I’d like to get the nicest version for my money. I’m also willing to get a 2016 Hyundai Genesis if you have any idea on the deals for that.

I want to get the best version of the car for under $250 if I put no money down. I’m getting numbers all over the place from the sales people. I have an 820 credit score.

The money factor I have is .00014 and a residual value of 55%

Best deal I have gotten so far is for a 2016 300 limited
900 down
42 months
12,000 miles a year

I feel like it is a rip off.

I found these deals on the Chrysler 300 S Which is at $210 a month…
Chrysler 300 s

Problem is I’m in Los Angeles and this guys is in Detroit.

Can you guys give me an idea of what I should be paying?
Are there any dealers or sales managers that you could recommend?
Should I put money down?
Can you make Jesus negotiate my car deal for me? :wink:

Thanks guys for all your help. I really appreciate it.



You can work with the dealers you linked to, the issue will be making sure you have the correct leasing incentives for your market as the incentives are based on where the car is registered, not where it is sold. I’m going through this myself working with the detroit dealers since I"m out of market.

There is a lot of incentive to lease a 300. I was looking for one since August. Search forum for discussion on all rebates, but there is about 7000 IDL bonus cash if you lease through third party. 8000 for a S version. Plus you have loyalty, conquest, regular rebate (1500), plus dealer discount can make for a great deal. But dealers i spoke with refused to give you everything because of huge incentives. Most they would give was 1000 off MSRP. So I just lease a Grand Cherokee limited, higher MSRP and less in monthly payment than the deal i was getting for a 300S. Maybe a jeep grand cherokee will be better for you. Forget the dealers in Detroit. I tried dealing with them and they were higher than dealers in NY and would not honer their advertised sales.

Thanks NY13. Yeah I’m in california. Talked to a really honest salesman and he said all the incentives are over. He said they were leasing fully loaded 300c for 280 with 0 drive off then. I KNOW! I couldn’t even get close. With $0 I was $499 a month. I think I’m gonna go with an infiniti. Unless someone knows a dealer in LA that is trying to get rid of a 2016 300