HELP! Looking to lease crew cab truck in Houston Texas

Hello all!. I’m fairly new to the site. Trying to decide on which vehicle to lease before July 5th. I would prefer a F150 XLT Crew Cab, but have read that fords aren’t viable leasing options because of the low deprecation rate.

Could someone please calculate estimated loan payments for a f150 xlt sport package, Dodge ram 1500 lone star edition, or any full size truck that would be viable. Thank you


Ram 1500 would make the most sense … not sure on what package makes sense for you… usually it’s the express or big horn.

I’ve spent all week negotiating here in Maryland the best deal on an F-150 crew cab XLT with navigation.

I have a 10000 mile 36 month lease with a total out the door cost of $3,000 ( this includes tax title Freight dealer fees and a few other little things)

Additional to the normal 3000 in incentives I’m also getting a thousand veteran discount, $1,000 bonus on trading in my old F150, and $500 for the navigation package.

All told my monthly will be 355 and my out the door price is $3,000. The residual on the truck is 61% and when I finalize the deal I’ll post all the relevant numbers.

Just a word to the wise I called my insurance company when I started shopping around and Rams all cost me about 50 bucks more per month so you’ll pay one side or the other, just a helpful tip

Good luck

Thanks for the info! Im looking at an xlt with a nav system as well, $8000 dealership discount plus $4080 in cash back rebates that i am eligible for. The drive off fee is $4042 with the monthly leasing coming out to $236. These numbers are based off the lease calculator

You still lookin @dcovermarvel?

46800$ MSRP for 374/mo, 374 drive off.

374/month with 374 drive off? I was going to get a 1500 or f150 either today or tomorrow but now im looking into this

Let me know. I can help you out with a Ram or Silverado.

Well if I dont find a good lease deal on a ford ( > 400), I will probably look into this ram

I am trying to get a lease for under $400 with 0 down payment and a trade-in of a car with $3600 in negative equity. Is this possible with either dodge or chevy?

No first payment, and 3600$ in negative equity puts the payment at 469$ for 42. You can DM me if you miss your deal on the Ford.

Mac Haik ford down the road may be able to help.


PS. Looked at the Lone star with 12k off on the one you picked, and it is at 520/mo.

Maybe the XLT Ford will get you close, but I’m pretty confident the Chevy Deal is the strongest one out there.

Good luck!


PSS haha

This one below is $449/mo at our Ford store if they are signed up with the right banks…

ended up financing a ford xl supercrew w full coverage for 6 yrs at $530 for 75 mo