Help! Is this too much for a 2019 Audi S4 lease?

Dear Hackers,

I am new to this forum. I have leased 8 cars and wished that I knew about this group before making any decisions. I am now ready to turn in a Porsche Macan S for a lower priced car and am interested in leasing a 2019 S4 premium plus. Can you let me know if this “offer” is too expensive? it is based on a 1 payment lease, but I am now thinking against doing this based on your comments.

Audi S4 Prem. Plus
MSRP = $63,840
Sale = $54,845
Incentives = $3,500 off
MF = .00080
Residual = 51%
Sales tax: 8.5%/$2,281.77
1 payment: $26.292.84

36 months
10,000 miles
=$806.29 plus drive off of $1,572.69

Thank you!

As a reference point

Thank you.

Also, I had misread the quote, and the monthly amount of $806.29 is not correct. I think the monthly is closer to mid $700’s.

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