Help in NC: Infiniti Q50 Sport

Hello All,

I see Infiniti has a good lease on the Q50 and I am sending similar numbers to dealers in the NC area and none of them say they can’t come remotely close to it UNLESS there is a purchase order from another dealer. Can someone please help me on providing your purchase order from your deal! Greatly appreciated!

I also looked at VPP site saying if you can apparently get VPP through a friend also but I will not tell the dealer till last minute

I shopped qx60s in the spring and the NC dealers were nowhere near as aggressive as the dealers in the mid-atlantic or SOCAL, especially on a lease. Incentives played a part of it, but the pre-incentive discounts were smaller as well. When cross shopping quotes, I was often told to take a trip to buy the vehicle. [None of them asked for a purchase order though]

Yes. I had same issue with wife’s Volvo so we ended up paying $20 more a month extra vs NJ dealer.