Help! Found a Great Deal on 2016 Durango Limited... is it worth the risk?


Not a lease question, this is Off Ramp! Found a fantastic deal on a 2016 Durango Limited… However, when I asked the dealer how the former owner had put on 38000 miles in one year, he told me it’s from Enterprise-rent-a-car. YIkes, worth the risk??

It’s obviously not ideal but he’s selling it for $26k and I’ll be trading in my current Durango for $20k… so tough to beat a 4 year upgrade, better options, less miles, and a car my wife loves for net $6k (plus tax) out of pocket. It’s been a great family car for us, I’m just not sure about all those rental miles !?

A non-rental 2016 Durango would probably sell for 30-35k with a “normal” amount of miles. There would still be a warranty on the truck until the odometer hits 50k.

Thanks guys for your wisdom.

Thank you @nyclife , I will look at these closer in the morning. Good finds!

In my opinion it is risky. Used to work in a rental place in my college days and all we did is oil changes even those at lengthy intervals. 38000 miles is way to many. You can take a risk at 20k range though depending on deal.

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Thanks guys, appreciate your thoughts. I’ve decided to keep looking, not worth the risk. The deal breaker was that there was no manufacturers warranty included. :grimacing:

Rental miles are like dog years, multiply it by 7. :slight_smile:

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Was that because it was a rental or because the 36K mileage threshold had been exceeded?