Help explain these numbers? BMW i3 REx

Advertised as zero down and $199/mo. That was with a college grad offer ($1,000) applied. I don’t qualify for that so I know everything moves a tiny bit upward.

24 Months lease 10,000 miles a year:
MSRP: $53,395
Sale Price: $48,588
Total out of pocket: $3,545 ( $2,545 is drive off the remaining $1,000 is what the college graduate would be)
Monthly Payment: $199 + Tax

The drive off breaks down as:
First month payment: $218.24
VLF Fees: $407
Ca Tire Fee: $7.00
Acquisition Fee: $925
Doc Fee: $80
EVR Fee: $29
Cap Red Tax: $805.43
Acqusition Fee Tax: $87.88
Doc Fee Tax: $7.60

It actually adds up to $2,567.15

I don’t understand why the first months payment is $218.24 instead of $199. I’ve told him more then once that I’m not a California resident, is he calculating California tax anyway? Is there away out of paying tax on that first payment, or since its rolled into the lease drive off do I HAVE to pay CA tax? I’m in Washington state and the i3 REx is tax exempt up to $35,000 MSRP. I assume I only pay the tax rate on the part of the car I’m actually “paying for” in the lease, not the full MSRP. Thus I would assume I wouldn’t pay any tax in WA on this lease since the total lease cost is way under $35,000.

Does anyone know what “cap red tax” is? Again is that a California sales tax thing? Again would I have that removed from this drive off amount since I live and will register the car in WA.

I assume the acquisition fee and doc fee tax I need to pay because those would be for services rendered in CA? Or could those be pulled out?

Does anyone know what VLF fee is? Is that a California vehicle license fee? Would that have to be paid since the lease originates in CA? Or could that be pulled out since I would have to license it and pay for that in WA.

I would say to take the number and ask your local dealer if they can match the deal or come close