Help Explain Pros and Cons of Factory Ordering


I’m in the market for a truck. A Ram Rebel to be exact. I’ve pursued the lots in my area and can not find the options I want (can’t find one anywhere really), plus the dealers around here seem to treat their stock like garbage as I see trucks filled with scratches and dents all over them. ($60,000+ trucks that look like that…).

Anyway, I was thinking of ordering one but I want to know what costs the dealer saves when a vehicle is ordered and doesn’t have to sit on the lot. I’ve heard about them not having to pay insurance on that vehicle because you are taking possession immediately, etc. I also want to make a note that the dealership does not need to “prep” the truck (besides inspection sticker) as I want to do that myself. In other words, I want to be the one to remove the shipping plastic from the body panels and the seats, etc and not have some lot lizard “washing” it with a stiff bristle brush…

Just wondering what everybody think. Thank you.

Pro - Get what you want.

Cons - Have to wait longer and pay more for it.


The dealership saves $0.00 selling a car that came off the truck the same day. In turn-and-earn stores, that sale can open them up to replace a popular model/trim with another. A customer order can also cost them an allocation.

One can get a better deal on an older unit that the dealer is paying floorplan on, not the reverse.

You can ask them not to wash it, but it still needs pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before they can technically sell it to you. They will need to remove the packing plastic etc to check the car over as part of PDI.

Lot porters are not truck stop prostitutes, FWIW


LOL. Definitely get that, but I’ve heard so much conflicting info that I’m not sure what’s true and what’s not.

For instance, I’ve heard that any deals available when you order the vehicle mean nothing and that you will only get any deals available at the time of delivery. Is this true?

Are there any dealer fees that can be eliminated by ordering? ie: insurance costs, etc.

I’m assuming that they will be less likely to negotiate a lower price on a vehicle they hasn’t been sitting on the lot, or would they be more willing to make a deal because it is a guaranteed “sale” (lease)?

Depends on the brand and rebates. Some are lockable and others are not. See dealer for details.

No. While you can bring it up in the negotiation they won’t have to pay for their floor plan, they are not going to remove any fees.

Yes, no, maybe? Most dealers will give you a better price for a car on their lot than an order. Others might not care. And there is no such thing as a guaranteed sale. Nothing is final until you drive off the lot. Customers back out of orders fairly often (i.e. see the X6 M50 on my lot with only a tow hitch as an option with red interior).


One of the biggest Cons is of the unknown. What will the programs and manufacturer support be when the vehicle arrives.

Have you done a nationwide search?