HELP! Dealer cost? 17 Highlander XLE AWD, Sheet Attached

Dealer said they would lease at Invoice minus the holdback. But then they added in TDA $706, could they waive that if pressed to?
And what is the Wholesale Financial Reserve and can they deduct that too?
Not even sure if the holdback is 1025 or 1025+ the 217 they noted or if the 217 is part of the 1025??? HELP!
Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

TDA is an advertising fee that toyota charges. That’s how toyota makes there money .all brands have it actually. Plus the advertising fee is not on all cars

I understand what it is I am trying to figure out if push comes to shove they will waive it.

You vehicle is the exact same as mine except I don’t have the remote start. On my lease they came down from MSRP: [$42,117] with a Selling Price of [$37045] - 12% off MSRP. You should be able to get a MSRP of 37.5k to 38k one would imagine.

Was that recently? And what dealership?

This was on February 12th. The dealership was Island Toyota in Staten Island NY but the deal was done through the Honcker App which hasn’t had deals nearly as good as when I got mine.

Shoot Honcker wont work where im at (Portland OR) Do you remember if that included any Toyota cash or what they did or didn’t charge you like TDA etc ?