Help coming up with an offer for a Subaru Forester?

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any advice as I’m about to email managers to get a 2017 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium with auto transmission and weather package - numbers are 59% and .00055 for Portland OR. I’m looking for a true sign and drive so any advice on what a target monthly payment should look like? MSRP is $27, 370 and there is no sales tax in Oregon. Thanks!

Should be $247/mo + all fees on $24,258 selling price ($1,500 under invoice) based on your numbers.


Please report back (if you so kindly would) and let us know if they quote you the correct monthly, @Ursus stated.

Yes, I will! I’m going to offer 237 and negotiate from there. Thank you!

Don’t “offer” them monthly payment. Negotiate selling price. If you want, ask them for $24K or $23,750 or whatever, and then calculate payments yourself.


2017’s are mostly sold out in my areas, so moving on to 2018’s - I’ve received several lease worksheets so far and these two are the lowest:

  1. MSRP $28803, offer $26002 (adjusted cap cost 26,597); $267.27 per month with $417 down.
  2. MSRP $28622, offer $26067; $271.97 per month, dealer says 0 down.

I’m confused on the end result numbers because the first one has the bigger discount off MSRP. Cars are about the same, will be delivered. How does this deal look and is #2 better? Thanks so much!

You get about $850-875 under invoice on #1. Try to get another $500 off and your payment will be $15 lower. Like you said - #2 has lower discount and, as I understand, 0 due at signing (everything rolled in) for a higher monthly payment.