HELP! Audi Q5 premium 45 tfsi quattro, 2 Offers How can I negotiate?


I got 2 offers from 2 different Audi dealerships within 60 miles of one another for the same exact car, literally. (Dealership 1 offered to go get it from dealership 2 since they don’t have it on their lot).

Please Help. Which offer is better? I have a 720 credit score, How can I negotiate for a better monthly payment with no money down?

Dealership 2 stated money factor would be .00262 with a residual amount of $33,210.45 which differs from what dealership 1 is saying ($29,520.40)

The residual can’t be different unless they are running it for different terms/mileage. Either way run from both of these. You need to figure out what a good deal is in the calculator then propose you deal. Or just hire a broker as they have posted much better deals in the marketplace.


What makes you assume this is a good lease candidate?

Is this being marked up? 57k for a premium is insane

It’s $52K not $57

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Because I’m the candidate, I have pretty good credit.

You need at least 10% off before rebates to make this palatable.

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Doesn’t mean they will give you the buy rate or it makes it a good lease candidate.

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It’s scary how little this made sense. You want to think about stepping back for a second before you sign a massive $20,000-30,000 contract.

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@Sdiane1 what is that 720 credit score assumption based on?

I’m already getting 6% off MSRP because of my employers partnership with Audi.

So you’ll need to start negotiating. Start building it out in the calculation and see what it takes to get a decent deal. Also check the programs and make sure other trims like the s trim don’t lease better.

He meant the vehicle being a good candidate for leasing, not you.


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