Help a newbie out on first time lease on 2016 Ford Fusion


I just came back from the dealership, and here here is the break down for the price:

MSRP: 28975
WOW Price: 22301
875 FR (freight?)
599 Proc
1014.17 Tax
85.50 Tags

I live in VA, so there is a personal property tax for car, Ford can roll that into the car payment and my final payment is listed below:

$201 per month + $38 property tax (if you don’t live in VA, this is not relevant)
and a $2000 down to cover tags, title, tax…etc

Lease is for 3-yr 36k miles.

How good is this deal? How much more should I push for?


Check this post:


Thanks for the reply, just checked your thread on your Fusion lease. So I’m assuming the $201 per month from this dealer isn’t too bad?

I’m comparing this to the Toyota Camry SE lease deal in my area with the same lease term for $147 a month, car have a sunroof and NAV with a MSRP of 26k

Yes I think so, but I’m a newbe also so someone with experience might be more helpful.

How can they roll property tax in? it would go down each year and the value is determined by the county no the msrp or selling price.

I don’t know, but I was told Ford is the only company that can roll in the prorperty tax, and it will also be cheaper with them as well.

I ended up signing a lease with them at $175 a month with $2k at signing (tax, title, tag, 1st month payment) all maintenance included, oil change, 15k, 30k maintenance…etc
for VA property tax, comes out to $41 a month.

Hopefully I didn’t do too bad on it