HELP ****2019 QX60 Luxe AWD with w/ Essential Package, Sensory Package & Proactive Package - Is this a good deal?

B. A. D. Bad

Should be targeting 16% or more off sticker from other deals I’ve seen on here.

Don’t give a generic statement based on what you saw here in previous months on Infiniti deals.

This month is not good for Infiniti. The way the dealers get paid has changed substantially and the target numbers they get for the month have dropped too.

The dealers are patiently waiting for walk-ins without any clue, whom can be sold above invoice all day.

12% is not actually bad if you got the quote in May and if it was given in the last month, I can safely say, it will not be honored.

So for the OP, would you suggest he wait till next month since the Infiniti’s leasing numbers aren’t too good this month?

No one knows what the numbers will look like next month. All I can say is this month getting 16% off on a brand new Infiniti is highly unlikely.

If the sales numbers remain low we might get a mid month update but chances for that are low so most likely we will see what the numbers look like for June.

I’m willing to be the quickly rising gas prices put a damper on suv sales. If I were a betting man, I’d say the numbers change mid month. I am also not in the industry, so my opinion means squat LOL

Jeep Grand Cherokee limited’s just dropped like a rock this month.

I have a similar MSRPed qx60 that I picked up in November 18 @449 tax included around 3k DAS
…wasnt the best deal then I am sure but worked for me. Had conquest but no VPP. Maybe this datapoint will help you somehow.

Fortunately, Infiniti, like all brands, is priced off of behind dealer invoice, as opposed to % off MSRP, which you, as a broker, should know, right? You’re right in that pricing and strategy for the brand has changed over April/May from what it used to be in the past, but just because your dealer has (maybe temporarily) stopped playing the volume game, doesn’t mean that others have. I can still just about replicate past deals.

Bring back these prices on a pure AWD haha

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $ 47,020
Monthly Payment: $ 209
Drive-Off Amount: $ msds/doc/bank/dmv/tax
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00086
Residual: 60%
Available Incentives: Vpp and conquest included in all deals


If you can replicate past deals easily than please post a Q50 luxe with 45K MSRP for 335/mth which was my last month’s deal and was not even that good to begin with. Also make sure there are not any BS dealer fees which is nothing but extra money built in the deal for you, because the 399 broker fees is not enough per deal for you and that you have to make some more through the back end disguising it as dealer fees.

Feel free to reach out to people in my Infiniti thread from last month where members are asking for updated numbers and sell them the car. While at it do the same for QX60 as well.


Please show me where I have “disguised dealer fees as my own profit”. I actually always disclose correct doc fees, which, if charged by the dealer, have to be charged for ALL deals, retail or wholesale. If, when you post your guys’ numbers, you claim that your dealer doesn’t charge doc fees, since you are “against them”, there are plenty of retail clients of your dealer who would be happy to file a class action suit against your dealer for discriminating on doc fees, when they paid $699, as CT is uncapped like NJ. So, if I put $141 for doc fees, that deal really has a (PA state law) doc fee. Or the Qx50 / Q50 RS I posted today really has a $499 doc fee because it’s in NJ. But, if we’re talking about “disguising” something, let’s talk about putting up 24 month BMW fart car leases because the monthly payment looks lower, when, in reality, the 36 month lease is the better option due to amortization of inceptions over a longer period of time.

Here you go, bud:

We both know how this business works and it’s not good to wash the dirty laundry in public.

BTW your Q50 deal is good even with 499 dealer fees.

Feel free to reach out to people in my thread. This is someone’s thread where I will not post anything more.

Thank you. Should I choose to focus on Infiniti this month, I will. There’s no reason to focus on it when Volvos are cheaper, though :wink:

Can you really replicate qx60 deals from a few months ago? Please PM me if you can and i’ll tell you what i am looking for.

lol you can just pm me and lmk

I think you @aronchi and @HN308 should fight it out on who can get the best deal on. QX60 Pure AWD. In fact I dare you both to hit the deals of the past haha

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Wouldn’t I win by forfeit since his dealer stopped giving cars away?

I mean that’s not fun for the site :wink:

Which Volvo’s are you referring to here? Equivalent sized SUVs?