Help 2019 Chevy EV Bolt lease

Hi needs some help to see if this is a good lease deal or am i better off purchasing? Ev Tax credit will be cut to 3,750 beginning April 1.

Dealer gave me this breakdown but could not manipulate it on the leasehackr calculator.

MSRP 37710.00
SELL PRICE 33610.00
LEASE IN HOUSEHOLD: 500 (but I told him I do not qualify for this since I do not have any other leases)

NET COST 29360.00

36months for 10K and $2500.00 drive off

Base payment $296.21
With LA tax $324.345

I think that’s a bit high but hoping for your guys input!!

Try talking to Trish…maybe you will get a little lower…but i would not expect much more.

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no DC fast charge car?

@chevysalesgirl are you able to replivate or beat @ChevyPhil deal with 10k off for having a non gm vehicle?