Hellcat outruns Police (cars AND chopper) πŸš”

This is the best advertising Dodge has had in quite a while

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Real Life GTA!

But: It doesn’t actually take much to outrun an Explorer based vehicle which is the most common cop car I see… it’s their ability to lay traps up ahead which will get you, not necessarily their ability to keep up.

Just shows you how many idiot drivers are in Texas who shouldn’t have been on the left lane. Let the guy pass!

Haha this is old but gold, story goes something like he stole the car when it was idling somewhere.

At full throttle the hellcat burns 1 gallon of gas per minute, not the best choice for a getaway, plus you can hear the car coming from far away.

And like the old adage goes, you can outrun a cruiser but not the radio.