Hellcat Lease in Indiana

Price shopping for Hellcat leases at minimum MSRP I can find them in my area, Indiana. In theory would buy a base model Hellcat at a $62k MSRP. Have went to three different dealers and received a quote all around $880 a month. Average discount was about $2100. One dealer told me a $3k discount but were giving me nothing for my trade.

Doing a 10k a year, 3 year lease, with $1k down.
Rolling $4k negative equity into the lease. I do not qualify for any of the extra rebates or anything to help me get down in price.

My main questions is, is it even possible to be in the $600 a month range with $0 down on these cars? If so where am I going wrong besides the negative equity?

Not right now, no

Is there just not the incentives there ust to be, or any explanation you can give me to help?

The negative equity alone is going to add $112/month before interest to your payment. There was a time when the Hellcats were leasing for $500/month, but that didn’t last long.

There are 652 Challenger Hellcats and 400 Charger Hellcats sitting on lots according to cars.com. Expand your search outside the state. As someone who has lived in Indiana my entire life, I have only leased one car here and that’s because it was my first lease and I knew nothing. After that, I’ve only done out of state leases. The dealers here are awful if you are looking for performance cars.

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Correct, $0 incentives. Couple that with not-great residuals. Even if you managed a 10% discount, you still have about 30% of the MSRP to pay over 3 years. That’s $550 before you even approach fees, taxes, interest, and your negative equity.

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