Have we hit peak Federal interest rates?

Problem is, a basic 911 is now $120k Inc tax and most are $140k, and that’s not for the S.

This has dragged up used prices massively. The 997 market, which is currently considered the last true 911 because of its shorter wheel base and NA engine (I know 991.1s had NA too), is going crazy. Good examples are fetching decent money and manual GTS examples are $100k.

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Agreed, the 911 prices have really been on the rise for quite some time now. $100k doesn’t even get you into a new one anymore.

Looks like we doing another 1980s on rates

Rates go up then down but then go way way up to market correct.

2023 already shaping up to be an amazing year for lay offs. Climate change, war and economic downturn is going to clean house this year and reset the board.


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So does that mean lease hacks are back and real estate will become affordable again?

I can see the first… but the latter seems long gone in certain areas.

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Leases? sure. as cars start piling up at dealerships and sit for 90days+

Houses? no, people will just stop building new ones and keep what they have till market open again.

The question you should be asking is, when leases can be hacked again, will we still have a job to get one?

We’ll see what happens! They insist on 5% Fed Funds, and trillions of debt will also have to be refinanced at higher interest rates this year and next year. There’s a math problem in there somewhere.

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Don’t forget about a much-shrunken money supply

The math doesn’t have to add up when you define the currency. They’ve proven that time and time again the last 20 years.


Whose debt? Consumer? mortgages? corp bonds?

if someone didn’t refi into a 30-year fixed before last summer, I’m not sure what they were thinking, and if you did, then what refi are we talking about?

Believe it or not, there is some math involved in fiat. The Debt burden will not go up forever, ask Venezuela or some of the other latin countries. When people don’t believe in the money, it’s value is zero. Michael Saylor talks about this a lot, and he goes on to say a dying currency is money that has no energy. Money is a form of energy.

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You mean the guy that has lost over a billion bucks leveraging his company on internet magic money ?


They rollover corporate debt every few years. Can’t get a 30 year mortgage on that stuff. Same with portfolio loans for landlords

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Micostrategy hasn’t lost any money, and have yet to be margin called. But I recalled they started buying at under 10k and I think they’ve announced they’re buying more too lol

So I guess all these TikTok landlords talking about 200 units and millions in debt but positive because of assets value will be singing new songs? And their courses will need to be updated on bankruptcy proceedings?:grinning:


But rents are also crazy high, so unless they drop they will just take a hit on income. Inflation is good for “the owners”. Really depends when they bought. Most people that were in the game before Covid have plenty of equity.

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Tesla puts loaded


Math is not involved when you look at USD value, it’s backed by one thing, the entire might of the 6 branches of the US military and its nuclear-tipped warheads. foreign countries even enemies of the USA keep their money in US banks and institutions knowing it’s the safest thing to do as no one could ever defeat the USA and steal their money.

What American people believe doesn’t come into the equation, it’s all about what the other 200+ countries’ leaders and elites feel and they all feel safe with their assets in USA or USD.

America dominates the 7 oceans and 7 continents and with the help of SpaceX Starships will start arming the living bejesus out of space force thus dominating the outer space as well.

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