Has anyone tried to extend an Infiniti lease in 2020/2021?

Have a 39 month lease expiring 9/1/2021 - will Infiniti allow for a lease extension? I know they were allowing them before the used car crunch happened.

Mainly I want to see what the 2022 QX60 looks like and get through the chip shortage and hopefully have more inventory in other cars by end of year… Also want to avoid paying almost $500 in yearly reg for only 3 months of use.

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I’ll close the loop here. I called in today and got some answers.

Infiniti is doing month to month extensions for now but you must have completed your last payment and be less than 30 days from maturity. Anything more than a 1 month extension needs dealer approval (maybe for me since I am waiting for 2022 QX60)


Do the extensions come with prorated extra mileage?

For example if your original lease was 12k/yr, does your mileage allowance increase by 1,000 miles per month?

I think most captives except GMF do this but still something worth confirming

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I just got a letter saying I can extend my lease now if I’m waiting for a 2022.

The fine print says pro-rated mileage will be allotted based on contract

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I’m actually seeing if I can pay less and not get mileage - I’m 14K under the initial contract (Thanks, COVID!)

Thanks for the update.

Correction. I called to extend a lease expiring in September and I was told the latest they can extend a lease to is 8/31 so I’m assuming that’s when the 2022 should hit showroom floors. They said to call back for a longer extension if my dealer doesn’t have the car or if I can show proof of ordering a 2022.

I posted on another thread that I just got a 3 month extension to 10/7 for my lease.

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Did they mention if your residual value will go down as you go month to month?

I was told that the purchase price will go down. I will get an official notice with info in the mail.

Here’s an imagine of the letter from IFS.

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Thanks for sharing. Looks like no mention of residual change?

Is the payment the same as what you were paying before?

Yes it is.

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Just got my extension done but only 2 months from 9/1/21 to 11/1/21.

They are expecting the car to hit dealer lots by 9/15 and any additional extensions will only be done with proof of purchase order of new QX60.

I think this seems super optimistic considering current chip shortages but I guess we will see.

given that your current qx60 is sub-300, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the new one when it’s released, since it’ll be selling for list. so just enjoy the extra couple of months they let you make a cheap payment.

I’m probably just going to buy whatever I get next - very few things makes sense to lease right now

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But I was able to get an extension on my 2018 QX60 until 1/1/21. The 2022 QX60 which I’m looking at was supposed to on dealer lots next week but now has been pushed out to third week of October. My original lease was expiring 9/1 and then extended to 11/1. I told them 11/1 isn’t enough time to make a decision. He offered 12/1 and I asked for 12/31 and he gave me 1/1/22.

Just an FYI for others trapped with Infiniti leases right now.


I mean its a nice car, but I’m not drooling over it.