Has anyone here ever moved to Georgia? Trying to get my leased Jeep registered in the state and I'm getting confused :)


About 3 weeks back we moved from Florida to Georgia (Fulton County) and I’m now trying to get my leased Jeep Wrangler registered in the state. I was able to get my License without any problem, but I’m getting a bit lost in the process for the registration/tag.

Hoping someone here may have recently gone through this and could help me understand how to get this all done.

I’ve been following the process laid out here - https://dor.georgia.gov/new-georgia, so I started the MV-1 Title/Tag application but some of the questions I’m not clear how to answer since I leased the car in July 2021 from a dealer in Louisiana (I lived in Florida).

I confirmed with CCAP that my name is not on the title (Question 1), but then when it goes into ‘Purchase Information’, is this considered an Out of State Transfer or Owner Retained? Is the vehicle new/used? Then it asks if I want to select Total Payments or Agreed On Value… Beyond confused here since I didn’t get the car just now, I’ve had it almost a year.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!

Welcome to GA. Per the website you indicated, you’ll need form T-17 form to accompany the MV-1. Best bet is to call GA DMV for guidance. GA TAVT taxes on the total cost/payment of the lease vehicle. Not much help.


Thanks! Yep, i was just looking at that T-17 form as well, but it seems that I need a power of attorney from the leasing company to submit, as the lease itself doesn’t give me power of attorney to sign on their behalf.

I called Chrysler Capital and they said it can take 8-10 weeks to get the power of attorney from them :joy:

It would probably be fast. If you get pull over (knock on wood), be sure to tell you’re just move to the state within 30 days (IIRCC correctly 30 days so that you’re not ticketed). Happen to me w/ moving from different county in GA and haven’t yet updated driver lic ($75 or $100 buck fine…dumb fee).

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Thanks, I’ll keep the filled out paperwork in my car as well just incase I do get pulled over and run into an issue.