Has anyone attempted a Raptor Lease

I was wondering if anyone has attempted a Raptor lease. Or is it completely not feasible. I’m starting to see more and more Raptor’s in dealer stock. I know for a while they were selling for over MSRP at some dealers.

We’ve had very little discussion of Ford vehicles here. Aside from maybe their EVs. IIRC Ford has pulled back from incentivizing leases.

I was wondering about that. One of my wife’s co-workers is a sales manager at a Ford dealer. As soon as I told him I was looking at Ram and GMC and was going to lease I could tell he cringed a little. I like the Ford truck the best but I’m not going to get into a bad lease.

I was quoted 380/mo on a crew cab XL. Can’t imagine what they’d want for a Raptor.

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You can buy it for the same payment lol
No good leases on the Raptor…its too bad and a struggle for us Ford dealers!! Sorry…If you still want numbers I can put some together for you…

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My guess is it would be somewhere north of $850 per month on a 36/10.5

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I walked into my local Ford dealership to try and get numbers for a lease on a Raptor and they straight up said they were not leasing the raptor out.

I would be happy just finding one for sale at MSRP. Most dealers are 25-30K OVER MSRP here in so. Cal.


right?? I have one for 10k over…and that’s considered a good deal lol

Let me know when they are MSRP and I will be on my way… I’m in corona, just around the corner.

Been awhile since this post I know but may have a White Raptor at MSRP are you still interested?

Do you have the numbers on a 2 year, 12k lease for a White Raptor with the 802A package?

I can answer all of your Raptor questions text 631-402-6861 :slight_smile:

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It’s been a while just seeing if anyone a has attempted leasing a raptor with such a huge stock of them on the market?

Any updates on this topic? Thx

Edmunds says there are no lease programs for the Raptor.