Half ton pickup ride quality

I currently have a Ram Rebel which I really like, but I’ve started to eyeball the new interior of the Silverado/Sierra. I think I might be getting one.

However, one of the things I like most about the Rebel is the ride quality. And it isn’t just me, anyone who gets in the truck immediately notices how well it feels. I don’t have much experience with trucks since the Rebel was my first one, but I think this awesome ride quality is due to body on frame + coils. The Silverado/Sierra trucks still seem to be on leaf springs, even for the 2022s.

Other than test driving, does anyone know how much of the ride quality will be impacted by switching from coils to leaf springs?

The GMC will definitely ride more like a truck but it isn’t punishing. RAM 1500 with the 4-corner air suspension is by far the best ride comfort on any pickup.

I don’t even have air suspension on the Rebel and it feels great. I can only imagine the air suspension is like butter…

The day my TRX came in I traded-in my 22’ Silverado.

Ram is probably the best riding pickup truck then F-150 then GMC/Chevy. Haven’t driven the latest tundra but Ram is definitely best. E-torque V8 is no gimmick either pretty cool stuff

Maybe the Denali Ultimate might have ride improvement. But the regular Denali or AT4 isn’t gonna beat ram

Yes, Rams ride better… but it depends on what you really notice. I have a Silverado and it rides better than our Tesla Model Y. :slight_smile:

Maybe 23 or 24 will bring a spring coil Silverado like they did with the Tahoe.

Ram will ride the best. If you have some weight in the bed, even 2-3 fifty pound sandbags over the rear axle, it’ll make a difference with the leaf springs. Leaf springs always ride best with some weight on them, IMO.

Currently driving a 21’ trail boss. The ride is good, but firm in my opinion. Nothing great but definitely not bad. It feels much much better when towing a trailer or having some weight in the bed. Feels really great on local roads and highways when towing. I can compare to a previous gen Tundra and that felt softer and more SUV like. Compared to a Ram Warlock, they are similar but more body roll with the Ram and the trail boss handled bumps better.

One thing I consistently notice is when going around curves and hitting potholes/bumps the rear end doesn’t absorb the impact so much which results in it sort of drifting(?) out of line due to the angular motion. It feels weird and can destabilize the truck for a brief moment. Otherwise I find it to drift a lot at highway speeds.

You may want to check out the new Tundra too, they just switched to rear coil spring suspension.