Had deal ready to go, then dealer says car has 500 miles on it and offers $1 off. Red flag?

I have already negotiated a lease with the salesperson and he gave me the final monthly payment amount. He then emailed me later telling me that “now the car does have 500 miles on it, and after calculating the miles…” then he dropped my payment < $1/month.

I’m still okay with the deal, but Is there something up here? Should I be asking for more of a discount?

He discloses the mileage after the deal was made? Thats some weak sauce. How much would they charge You if you went 500 miles over the allowance? I would insist on a bigger discount or a different car with no miles. You know he knew the car was a demo…

Just to be clear, no paperwork was signed, but we had all the pertinent numbers down. I hadn’t seen the actual mileage because I’m negotiating with a dealership outside of my city, but I assumed it had 0 to very few miles on it.

you want to ask where the miles came from just so you know how it was used. dealer demo, rental, test drives, etc. just so you know. Then ask what their mileage charge is. maybe thats how they’re getting the $36.
all in all as long as the contract says 500 miles your lease will start from there. Just curious how they came up with $1 a month… Is it a 36 month lease? is that $36… where did that get that number?


I slightly misquoted the numbers. It’s a 33 month lease for 10k miles/year and the monthly payment was decreased by $1.26. I emailed earlier to ask about the 500 miles and usage of the car. I’m not sure how they came up with $1.26 but I can ask about that as well. Thanks for your input.

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He says the mileage is due to the car being loaned to a customer “for a couple days” because he was having issues with his new car. He says it’s still a new vehicle.

What is the mileage charge on the lease?
AND, What is the car we are talking about here? Is it a Chevy or a Rolls Royce?

More like for a couple of weeks, to put 500 miles on it.

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From a dealer’s standpoint this can happen. Especially since we desk the deals from our computer and close it over the phone/email without ever even touching the vehicle. It’s happened to the best of advisors (myself included). But I would definitely ask that the deal be “enhanced” a little bit to make up for it. Throw in some tint or something! If they have another car with the same ore similar MSRP, ask them to switch it to that car instead…after verifying the mileage of course.

Best of luck!

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What kind of car?

I wouldn’t let someone else put even 1 mile on my car.

It’s a lease, so what’s the big deal?