"Hacking" Care by Volvo Program

The Care by Volvo program is marketed as a subscription model but based on the paperwork it is really a relatively expensive lease with the flexibility of canceling after the 5th payment.

In May, 2021 I got a 2021 Volvo XC60 Inscription through the Care by Volvo program - I valued the flexibility at that time and was willing to pay extra for that.
Now, while I do like my Volvo XC60, I am now eligible to cancel my subscription. However, I would like to hold onto the car but transition to a regular 36 month / 10K mile lease which should be cheaper.

For both me and the dealer, I think this should be a win-win situation

  • For me - I would be leasing a used 2021 Volvo XC60 (with 5000 miles on it), so expect a significantly cheaper lease
  • Dealer - they get to a sell a car / make money on it without much effort
    This would be at the expense of Volvo as they would end up paying for the depreciation associated with a new car when I end my Care by Volvo subscription (Volvo would have to pay that anyway). (side note - in reality, event Volvo doesn’t lose. If it wasn’t for the Care by Volvo I would never have been able to convince my wife to try Volvo)

The Two questions I had

  • I suspect I am doing something relatively unique - how should I approach the dealership about this? What would the process look like?
  • How much should I pay for the new lease I would like to get on the car (36 month/ 10K miles)? My thoughts on this question are below

A brand new 2022 Volvo XC60 (what I would get if I didn’t hold onto my 2021 XC60) is about $690 / month or lower (7% discount on MSRP of 59K, Based on Edmunds - MF of 0.00035 and Residual of 58%, 3yr / 12K miles per year). I think I could do better than a 7% discount, but being conservative because of market conditions

Trying to bound what I should pay for the new 36month lease on my 2021 XC60 - should at least be below $590 / month or lower - $100 per cheaper than a brand new 2022 XC60.
Based on another set of assumptions I calculated a lease of about $420 per month (assuming MSRP of my 5 month old SUV is no 51.5% - based on a 10% depreciation compared to the original MSRP of 57K when the 2021 XC was new. Adding a discount of 7% on top of that, a residual of 72% and MF of 0.00035. Residual of 72% is based on some estimates from caredge.com)

For completeness, if people are curious here is my current Care by Volvo Subscription / Lease - ~$920 per month including taxes and fees (57K, no discount on MSRP, and MF of 0.0002 and Residual of 67%, 2yr / 15K miles per year)

There’s a huge flaw in your logic here. You’re assuming that A) said lease option even exists and B) said lease option is cheaper. Used vehicle leases are not commonly offered, don’t benefit from the same factory incentive/subvened mf support, and rarely are a cost effective option over getting something new.

These assumptions hold no merit. A used vehicle doesn’t have a “new msrp” and you don’t have the luxury of making up RVs or assuming discounted MFs. The only option here would be to find a Volvo dealer that offers leases on used vehicles (which I don’t know of any that do) and use their rv/mf. These aren’t negotiable values, assuming said program even exists.


Too bad neither of you own the car and can make that choice.


I am so lost by all the assumptions in the post.

Is this an actual quote or just assumption?


I can’t keep up with all the other assumptions

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You have a hole in your argument
I am assuming you are signing up with Care to get a better rate then cancelling it.

Once you sign a lease with Volvo Care, cancelling the lease will refund your payments at the end. Not lower your monthly due.

What are you talking about?

I assume you mean my 2nd statement.

If your payments are 36 @ $1000 and you get $6000 refund.
You don’t have 36 @ $833
you have 30 @ 1000 and 6 free months.

None of this makes any sense.

Care by Volvo is Volvo’s subscription lease program that allows you to terminate the subscription at any point after 5 months. There isn’t some refund to be had.

Are you mistaking this for a canceled protection plan or something like that?

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That’s what I am assuming, that it’s the same as any service plan I’ve ever had.

Care by volvo is not a service plan.


All the assumptions in this thread is getting out of hand.


You pay $1000 for 5 months & then either you cancel or keep paying.

There is no refund.

The OP is “assuming” that if he cancels after the 5th motnh, he’ll get to re-lease the same vehicle at a lower rate in form of a traditional lease as used car lease with lower MSRP.

Thanks @mllcb42. This statement was helpful as my knowledge of leasing used vehicles was limited and consequently you correctly pointed out that my logic was flawed. “Used vehicle leases are not commonly offered, don’t benefit from the same factory incentive/subvened mf support, and rarely are a cost effective option over getting something new.”

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@justsharing - thanks for taking the time to respond.

For the used car lease, I just had to make assumptions - because I didn’t know of a better starting point. @mllcb42 feedback about used car leasing was illuminating and correctly pointed out that my logic was flawed.

For the brand new 2022 Volvo XC60 - these numbers are based on what I saw at Edmunds and other posts in leasehackr.

I can understand that.


In the current market, i would actually try to base them on actual broker listings or your own negotiations within last 2-3 weeks only. The market is constantly changing for the worse & basing them off some old data points won’t help you in any meaningful way when you’re actually ready to sign the deal.

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Imo, the only useful information on edmunds is the rv/mf/incentives you get when asking for your zip. The rest of their pricing data is best ignored.

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