Hacker opinions on best lease end options

Pathfinder lease is up early Feb 19, 3 payments left and currently at 33k miles out of 45k. Aiming to downsize to a smaller SUV and payment. Have options in mind, and I’d like to make the switch now so I can avoid sinking money into tires for the Pathfinder. Not sure they will make it 3 more months and on winter roads.

I can lease a new Nissan next month and get out of it pretty easily that way but would like to move away from Nissan. I tried Vroom, Carvana, KBB and a few dealers and haven’t gotten an offer that is equal to my payoff or close enough to make it worth it.

Is my best and lease expensive option just to lease another Nissan to avoid paying for tires, the remaining payments, and disposition fee? Or should I try negotiating a new lease with a different manufacturer and see if I can manage to get out of it and stay within my desired payment range?

Some people in the forum suggest buying used tires, but that won’t get you out of the dispo fee.

What kind of small SUV are you looking to get into?

You could see if any of the manufacturers of the vehicles you’re looking to downsize to have a pull-ahead program. Theses programs pay a few months of lease payments to get you into their vehicle. I’m not up to speed on which brands have them right now, but you could do some looking.

Yeah I did consider used tires…still an expense I’d like to avoid. I’ve avoided paying for tires by getting out of all of my leases early…this one has just been tricky.

Looking at Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Sante Fe, maybe Ford Edge, need to look at Jeep as they have seem to have some good incentives this month also. I know Terrains and Equinox lease cheap but both my husband and I really dislike them.

Literally just had this talk with someone else I’m having a baby soon and need a new car the best bang for your buck is the Cherokee limited unless you don’t need a 4x4 but if you do they are partially giving them away lh score mid 14

Yes, where we are AWD is nice 4x4 is better. My husband discovered the Jeep deals. The leases are really cheap right now and we need to go check them out.

CarVanna is a fantastic option, they will give you an insane offer on your car

Tried that, their offer was still under my payoff.

Try shopping other dealers. When I had a Pilot and switched to a Suburban, they paid off my last 4 months of my lease to switch.