Hack my Deal Please :)

'18 Accord EXL 2.0 Navi leather seats
Protection Pkg, Splash/Locks/Tray

Is there anything I can say/ask/do to get the sale price down another $1k? Not at all committed to this make/model. A crossover suv would be my preference, but in this range they don’t have near the these options.

Help a Southern girl out please :slight_smile:

Some others will chime in Honda’s just haven’t been leasing well almost $400 a month payment for a car with a MSRP a little over $33K i couldn’t do it.

What options are you looking for? For this much, could get into a QX50 or Grand Cherokee, just to give a couple of examples.

Navigation, leather, descent engine (no 1.5L).
And anything heated doesn’t hurt my feelings :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you have a deal you can refer me to?

Hey BigP,
Are you a broker? Do you mean you couldn’t offer this deal, or you wouldn’t personally take this deal?

You can definitely get into a crossover SUV for this monthly (or less).

Not a broker i personally wouldn’t take this deal.


You can lease a Mazda CX-5 touring premium for around $300/ month tax in with first month and tag at signing. For comparison on your deal, I just leased a 2018 C300 for $383 tax in $1,500 out the door. $42k MSRP