Guidance for 2019 C43 lease

Hi everyone, first time posting here. About to go on the hunt for a 2019 C43 lease. Was looking for some guideposts on what a good deal would look like for ~$68k MSRP / 24 month lease / 10k miles / $3K down in nor cal (inclusive of tax). Was planning to call and visit a few dealerships to see who could get in the ballpark (based on monthly payment guidance from this forum). Thanks!

It’s a refreshed model so don’t expect any big discounts

Don’t bother visiting any of the dealers. They will waste your life. Send them a stock number and tell them the deal you want for that stock number. (Make sure it is a realistic number based on what you have seen on the forum)

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Thx. What type of discount should I expect?

for reference on a deal I was offered in December,

$70,645 msrp
12% off with approximate selling price of $62,000.
36 months at 15k miles.
payment was $825 including wheel/tire insurance and the Mercedes maintenance.
taxes and fees up front
not a great lease as you can see. do not have the residual/money factor on hand


V helpful thanks!!

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