Great Deal on Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.8L in SoCal

Was able to grab a great, at least it seems to me, deal on an A3 Cabriolet 1.8 Premium this weekend. Key is a $3,000 rebate while only $1,000 in conquest cash is heavily advertised. The other $2,000 is Spring Cash.

Sign and drive offer from dealer. Original offer was $279 per month for 36/7.5k with $0 drive off.
Restructured to $290 per month plus tax for 36/10k with $0 drive off.
Deal is in SoCal.

MSRP $39,720 same deal as on $39,650 car
Selling Price $32,991.83
Residual 56% $22,243.20

$3,000 rebate covered
Cap cost reduction $1263.91
1st payment $316.59 incl. tax at 9%
Tags $316
Acquisition fee $795 may have been marked up $100
Doc Fee $80
Tire Fee $7
Elect. Ref fee $29
Sales tax on doc $7.20
Sales tax on acq fee $71.55
Sales tax on cap reduc $113.75

Net was payments of $316.59 incl. tax x35

I believe similar deals are available on the sedan premium 1.8


could you message me your contact/dealership?


Where did you find info about the spring cash? Also can you pm me the dealer info?
Here is my current quote but I’m trying to figure out if I can apply spring cash to it to lower the payments. Another option could be to bump up to a Plus or 2.0 for the same price. Thoughts?

2016 A3 Sedan 1.8T FWD S tronic
MSRP $32,645
Invoice: 31,097
Selling price: 26,400
Rebates: 1000 acquisition
36 month lease @ 10k miles with 800 down = 228 + tax (249)

Yes which dealer please??

Great lease. Is that in Socal?

Yes, Socal. If @Mike_Feynman responds to how he got the Spring Cash I me able to improve on that deal.

Here’s what I found on Audi Arlington’s site re: the Spring Cash:

Spring Marketing Allowance $2,750 Cash Incentive
Model: A3
Vehicle Description: 2016 Audi A3 1.8T Premium Plus
Offer Type: Cash Incentive
Offer Valid: 02/05/2016-03/31/2016
Offer: $2,750.00 Cash Incentive
Offer Description: Current Cash offer including Audi Marketing allowance, Honda Conquest, or Acquisition Program.
Disclaimer: Marketing allowance is only available on New unreported as sold Audi A3’s, to receive acquistion you must own a 2001 new Honda, BMW, Lexus, Mercedez, Acura, Infiniti or Toyota. Cannot be combined with other specials!

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@tdurden This looks like a pretty good deal to me. Same dealer was offering $249 / mo plus tax for a 36/7.5k lease with $0 drive-offs (sign & drive). Changing it to 10k miles adds about $9 for the 1% change in residual, which would put his at $258 + tax. If you paid $800 in drive-offs, that would reduce the monthly by $22, for a $237 / mo + $800 drive-off, which is $9 per month worse than yours over 36 months. My guess is the cash is in the reduced selling price which is $4500 behind invoice. (all rough lease math above)

PMing dealer contact info to others

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Does anyone know if this “Spring Cash” is available on the S3 as well?

Any word on which dealer? Would love to check this one out.

Which dealer please ?

Have your tried Audi’s website? Sometimes it’s hard to find lease only cash. Best thing to do is call Audi USA to confirm what’s available.

As I have said before, which dealer doesn’t matter. Circumstances to create the OP’s deal might not be the same for you.

Best thing to do is contact several area dealers and make them compete for your business.

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