Grand Wagoneer----Its Biiiiiig

I think the problem is that when you decide to revive a dormant nameplate you set yourself up for unrealistic expectations. You need to pay homage to the history of the name somehow, otherwise you just look like you are trying to grab sales with the name alone. The new Blazer is definitely an example of that too.


I agree Electric. Just like the new Ford Bronco as well. True legacy has a legitimate place within the market.

I like it too and am also surprised??!?! if it has the same leg up in technology the way the ram does on its counter parts I might have to get one.

This crowd always comes around.

They did on the 4 Series, they did on the Defender, they will on the Wagoneer!

The old ones used to piss oil from the rear main seal, the back window often broke, but people still love them!

Nobody here in the west coast will want to park his $100K Jeep next to his neighbour’s $100K Range Rover.


Disagree, I think a lot of people on here have good insight and just don’t buy all the hype. I posted about the new Bronco and something like that is a home run, this thing is not. This Wagoneer reminds me of the VW Phaeton


What I think is exciting is that its something new to the segment that hasnt had a new introduction in a really long time. Outside of the 2 offerings from Ford/Lincoln, and the 3 from Cadillac/GM, what else has there been (this size)?

I’m excited that there is something new in the mix and I think others will be too. Most people buying these aren’t car purists, thinking of their old memories in a Grand Wagoneer.

The Bronco is a completely different demographic and their marketing reflected that.

I was just highlighting that not every car gets :poop:’d on with the Bronco example. I think with the Bronco Ford took the time and developed a product that will be successful. I would assume that in reality most of these Wagoneer’s will be in the $60k to $70k range which will probably do all right. Those articles are a little misleading highlighting the $100k price tag, I guess it helps when I skim the article for some more detail. I should probably take back the Phaeton comment

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Why? The Phaeton shared a platform w/ a Bentley but looked boring as sh*t. I’m sure the platform underpinning the Wagoneer is solid, but the look, at least in pics, is a miss. Maybe the car will look different in real life, but it seems really… bland.

If you thought that was disappointing you should see the new Trailblazer

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2021 Tahoe and Sub are ugly af… at least this new Asspen looks more cohesive than the nonsense new “design language” Chevy claims to exist.

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RAM 1500 platform.

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Agreed. The last new additions were the Sequoia, Armada & QX80 (nee QX56), each of which is extremely old on the current platform. Platforms from 2008 for Sequoia and 2011 for Armada/QX80. And each in the 2nd generation.

I wish the styling was slightly less inspired by the China-market Jeep Commander


Agreed. At this range, it can sway a lot of Yukon / Tahoe customers which I suspect is their target customer profile. I would switch if I were one, as they have become boring as hell.

Between the screens, Mcintosh Audio and the pics, that’s one great interior.

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Excluding unibody crossovers (which have proliferated like mushrooms) is an artificial way to drum up excitement for a “segment that hasn’t had a new introduction in a long time”

Most consumers don’t know and don’t care whether it’s BOF chassis or something else underneath

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This thing is hideous. It looks like a navigator discovered crystal meth. Who in their right mind would want to light 100 grand on fire and get this?


I’m not entirely sure how the pricing translates, but the Chinese market Grand Commander is very similar to this.

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  • Jeep china’s website is bloody terrible.

  • the top tier afaik before licenses, permits, bribes, and insurance is about 370k RMB, or 54k and change. PHEV is different this website pissed me off to much to let me figure out that pricing,

  • they make a phev version, I never thought I’d be saying PHEV Jeep (not just the mild hybrid like with LR) that is only made in China, but I did not know that.

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