Grand Wagoneer----Its Biiiiiig

The only thing holding her back was space! Problem solved!

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Wagoneer uses the 5.7 V8 from the 1500 and Grand uses the 6.4 V8 from the Scat pack. Power isn’t really an issue. Just the boat handling and Gas Mileage. Haven’t seen any reviews of the new 6 cylinder yet.

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I like Jeep as a brand. The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are classics. The new GCL is a hit, Jeep nailed their entry into the 3-row field (I bought one).

What in the hell were they thinking with the Wagoneer? They took an icon, turned it into a huge Honda Pilot in the $75-120k space, and are now doubling down with an even bigger, more expensive version??

You almost have to work extremely hard to screw up the Wagoneer rerelease.

Give it a modernized take on the original styling, price it in the 60s-70s, of course BOF, but have a V6 option, don’t make it so huge, and voila you have a huge hit.

They don’t have a vehicle to compete with the Yukon, Escalade, and Suburban. That’s what Jeep was thinking.

Having the Wagoneer be smaller wouldn’t accomplish what they were aiming for and would compete even more with the GCL and Durango which makes no sense.

At the lower end the price point is fine but you’re not going to get many people to shell out $125k for a Wagoneer on the high end. Jeep should simplify the line and get rid of the “wagoneer” and just have 4 different trims and call all of it “Grand Wagoneer”. Instead of having 6 total trins like they do now…dumb it down to 4 trims with series 1,2,3,4.

Oh…and fix how the back looks. It’s a bit of an eye sore.


They should go more against the Tahoe, and less against the Suburban. BOF and styling is the differentiator to the GCL. They also overpriced the GCL in my opinion.

Totally agree with you on Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer - stupid.


They had to make up somewhere for giving away wranglers.

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Oh the bright side, it’s the only full size SUV with a reasonable monthly payment in the market.

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dear god that is hideous

2k for vinyl? At least make it real wood lol

I love the heritage behind it, but I’m not sure that I would rock it on my personal vehicle. I definitely wouldn’t fork over ~$2k for it. I’d rather have the stack of hundreds sitting in the center console. :laughing:

people are barely getting the regular wagoneer, who needs this…

I think “need” is very relative. How many actually NEED the large SUV’s or the third row vehicles? For the large part of my childhood, we had a regular sedan for my two siblings and I. Now a couple is pregnant with their first child and they immediately shop for a suburban. :joy:

I’m surprised they haven’t brought back the Ramcharger.

Ha! I was just watching a video the other day on the ramcharger. What a brute.