Grand Cherokee vs Tiguan


2018 Grand Cherokee Limited at $350/month, 1st payment due as down payment.

2019 Tiguan S at $299/month, also 1st payment due as down payment.

Jeep is 39k MSRP but being discounted to $28k or so.

Tiguan is only $25k and discounted to about $22.

Both 36 month / 12k miles in Texas.

Any thoughts on this deal?


yea, the jeep is a better deal and much more car than a base Tiguan.


JGC limited trim has many more options than base tiguan. If you don’t care about all those options/ comfort/ features and only worry about$$$ then go for tiguan, but negotiate more on tiguan.
My vote is for Grand Cherokee and i am biased.

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Hands down GC all the way.

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Would you mind to pm me the Jeep dealer? I am on the market leasing a GC limited for my friend.
I am in TX as well.


Tiguans are pretty underpowered, and the S is barebones. No push button start, keyless entry, or power liftgate which are pretty important for many people. The GC Limited is pretty loaded as someone already mentioned. But you’ll probably save a ton on insurance with the Tiguan.


Could you send me the info as well? I’m looking for a Grand Cherokee too but having a difficult time in FL.


Is it for sure that a new GC design comes out next year?

Two questions - if I get this Jeep and want the new one next year, is there an effective way to negotiate that right now?

Secondly - does anyone know how willing dealers are to work on getting a color that’s not on the lot? I want white which they don’t have. Is it standard for them to pull a white one in for the request, especially an older 2018?


Both are under powered, but at least you can put a APR st1 tune for $500 on the VW, and it will be at 240-250hp, and almost 300tq.


Not sure about the efficacy of tuning a leased vehicle… also, 300 lb-ft torque? Have you tuned Tiguans and dyno’d them? The APR website directs you to the GTI EA888 Gen 3 page when you navigate for the Tiguan ECU upgrade link. I don’t think this is accurate as the EA888 in the Tiguan is different from the one in the GTI. I’ve tuned every VW I’ve had with APR except for my Passat TDI. All had the first or second generation EA888 engines and all pulled insane engine timing because all the APR tunes do is jack up the PSI and fuel mapping as much as it will go and no consideration is given to heat soak and transmission tuning or reinforcement. The DSG tune isn’t cheap from APR, either. I absolute abhor what VW did to the second generation Tiguan and I feel like they sold out their soul for sales. It’s gutless.

OP, take the GC, many more features and comfort than a Tiguan at that price point. If you can afford it, go with the GC. It’s just over all nicer than the Tiguan. My father has a Tiguan SE and I find it lacking for a 30k crossover.

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Thanks! How does the deal sound on the GC I’m getting?

It’s actually $366 at 36 months and $350 at 48 months.

I’m not doing 48 so I’m hoping to talk them down to $350/36 months?

Should I be getting even lower on this or is this good?


We have both a Tiguan and JGC and its actually cheaper to insure the Jeep. I’m not sure if its because of our location (NY) or because of the trim level of the cars (SEL Prem./ Altitude)

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Is there any incentive in New Jersey


I don’t recall the new Tiguan having a DSG. It has an 8 speed.


Also Jeep has terrible safety ratings.


was Not trying to say the Tiguan had a DSG :/.


Would you be able to PM me the dealer also? Thanks!