Grand Cherokee Limited offer help (CAL BANK?)

I already know this is not the best deal possible but here it goes. Its a local dealer to me hence why I reached out to them for now.

MSRP: 45,125
Selling price: 43,690
Rebate- 8250 using CAL Bank???
1,000 Conquest to make total rebate 9250.
RV: 53%
MF: 0.0020??? This is where I am lost. They are saying this is the MF for CAL bank whom I have no idea who they are and have never heard of them.

Anyway. Offer came back at 469$/month 800$ due at signing.

Doing the math with their numbers I am getting 451$/month 0$ DAS.
Around 430$ with 800$ due at signing.

Even though this is below the 1% rule, these cars are going for much less from what I have seen on line.

I am just shocked at the .0020 MF which comes out to like 4.8%. I knew the money factor would go up from chrysler capital but that seems a bit ridiculous.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?