Grand Cherokee L or 4XE Deal Check

I am having one heck of a time getting any dealer in California to go below MSRP on any of the Grand Cherokees except for this one I have found out of state but willing to ship the car.

It seems like theyre giving me a good deal, but then the payment which I have confirmed in the calculator, shows otherwise. I feel like they’re giving a discount off MSRP but then just tacking on a bunch of fees, including delivery, to get me back to square one. Am I missing anything else why my payments aren’t better than they are? Any other points to negotiate on either of these deals?



The Desert Protection Package is garbage.

I’m assuming REG usa is a third-party registration service, and that doesn’t look out of line for a CA registration plus a reasonable service fee.

That’s the $500, which I’d expect since you aren’t picking up the vehicle at the dealership (although you could, which would eliminate this cost… I’m assuming this is an AZ dealer, so not on the other side of the universe).

The $599 doc fee would be $85 at a CA dealer, as a frame of reference.

I don’t know enough about the JGC market to comment on the deal for the car itself, but others here will.

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Have you reached out to @clutch? If you’re going to AZ, he has a dealer out that way.

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Last month’s incentives for a GCL for a good deal was probably under $600/month on the Altitude trim at 24 months.

In CA, if you can get the GC 4xe at $600 or less would be a good deal factoring in the $7500 rebates and other rebates and discount off MSRP.

Yep! We are happy to help!
Have both of these units in stock in AZ!

Thanks for the breakdown.

Yes, the desert package was absolute garbage and I figured the other fees were causing the price to go up from there.

It’s actually coming out of Nevada but ya, still not too far to save the $500.

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