Grand Cherokee discounts?

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Hi, hoping to lease a Grand Cherokee 4x4 2-row by the end of the month, 24/15k. It’ll be an in-transit or factory order since I want a limited without all the options.

Can I expect to get any dealer discounts in addition to the Jeep incentives?

My small hometown dealer doesn’t have any in-stock and would only give $500 on top of incentives. I’m willing to shop around and feel like I should be able to get more, right?

Those 4xe deals are nice, but unfortunately I don’t have a place to charge so it doesn’t make sense.

Any input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

@AutoNinjas has a base Limited 4x4 2 row in stock that is 11% off if you have affiliate discount:

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Thanks - that’s more like what I’m used to with these cars! Unfortunately in MA though so it looks like they can’t help me out.

Most people aren’t getting into a 4xe for the charging ability. Unless you have a series of short commutes, the range is nothing short of comical.

Have you tried searching the forum at all? You’re swimming in information pertaining to Jeep offers.

That’s correct, but driving a 2-liter powered Jeep that’s trying to maintain a charge, combined with the added weight of the dead battery, is not ideal for my short commute.
Have spent all morning searching the forum and was unable to get any sense of local deals pertaining to 2-row gas JGCs.

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Most deals listed on LH aren’t local, that is more of a rarity. Also, taking delivery of a (newly submitted) factory order by eom is impossible.

Let’s say you could get a 8-9% discount locally.

Does the lease still make sense?

What rebates can you stack? What’s the RV and MF for 24/15?

$3k in incentives, I don’t think I qualify for anything else.
MF of .00102 and 66% RV, so even without discount it won’t be horrible.

Last time I leased a GC all the dealers were doing a minimum 10% discount on top of a ton of incentives. Obviously the market is different now so I’m just not sure if dealers are still doing discounts at all…

For any Jeep deals, you should be able to get 10% off MSRP. You might have to go out of your area or out of State to get it. Laredo/Altitude lease the best esp. with 4x4 but this changes month to month.

We are slowly heading into that territory. But people still have to ask for 10% off MSRP, that’s part of the negotiations.

This doesn’t look like CCAP #s, probably Ally? Ally won’t allow you to sell the Jeep anytime, only CCAP.

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No these are CCAP rates…

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