Gr86 or Brz availablity?

Any hakers have up to date info on either of these cars? Seems there are precisely 0 manual trans cars available anywhere in the country. If I wait can they bad had at msrp? Any idea of timeline? Also assuming these are buy not lease. Would appreciate help from those in the market. Thanks

@Jrouleau426 can get you the 86 at msrp

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Yes I can. Prob a short wait, 1-3 months depending on what my dealers have coming


Just got one at msrp in MT thanks to @Jrouleau426. Took about 4 months to arrive.


Was a harder market back then they’re still rare but I can prob do them faster now depending on colors


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Is it just the toyota that is hard to get? I asked a subaru dealer and they said VIP price with 3 month lead for a BRZ.

My understanding is the Toyota is harder to get vs the Subaru.

I’d drive one before purchasing if you haven’t already. Got one of the first 2022s in late 2021 from a Subaru dealer I purchased from before. Found the BRZ a bit slow and loud in the road. Ended up selling while I could recoup the cost. Fun to drive but for me had a few downsides

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