Got ripped off on 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA AMG 35 lease PLS HELP

Please don’t criticize me I am already aware of my stupid mistake and only found out the leasehacker after the situation.
It has been 24 hours** from signing the lease. Is this a terrible deal?
Here are the details:
MSRP: $57,575 negotiated down to $55,575 with added service contracts $63,757 (They charged me for $4195.00 for prepaid maintenance)
Term: 48 months
Location: Southern California
Down Payment: $2,500 + first month payment + DMV fees
Monthly Payment: 898.55 ($750 was my deal before adding maintenance and lease end protection)
My credit score is 750+

I looked into Leasehacker Calculator and it seems like reasonable monthly payment with tax is $591

What can I do in this case? Is there any option to unwind the lease? I feel like I have taken advantage from.
What is legally possible in order to break or renegotiate this lease. Any hacker I can hire to help me?

I also have an option to buy the car in cash. I thought I can save money by leasing but seems like I was totally blind when signing this.

I would run away from that deal and smack the salesmen… 48 month lease term 4200 in maintenance😨 just finance the car at that point.

If you drove the car off the lot then your options are limited. Not sure if any state allows 3 day grace period or something of that sort. Best scenario cancel the maintenance package.

Share the contract so people can decipher it. 900/month doesn’t make sense tbh


I don’t think you’ll be allowed to get out of the lease in this case because you already signed a binding contract but I am sorry to say you 100 percent got ripped off. Legally I’m not sure you can do anything either because you signed the papers knowing the price.
Your total monthly payments are about 47k for 4 years and you don’t even own the car at the end.
You should cancel the optional packages and if you can buy the car outright because 47k on a 55k car is not ideal at all.
If you can buy the car via a lease buy out then that might be your best bet. You should then either keep the car for a few years and sell it or if you don’t want the car sell it outright and cut your losses.

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No cooling off period in CA.


Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 10.08.40 PM|328x500

Does that help at all?

Agreed that price is insane for this car.
The dealership must have been super happy when he signed

I dont think a lease buyout will help here. His payment would jump even at 60 months probably. If he did not pick up the car and deal not funded yeah you can have a shot at not going through with it.

That’s a good point. I was just thinking at least he would own the car instead of putting 47k into it and not even owning it at the end of 48 months.

Did you pick up the car OP?

I did unfortunately. I got overly excited because they took my pervious lease which was ended as is without letting Mercedes finance charging me for any damages. It was 3,000k over mileage and needed two new tires.

What dealership? Sometimes dealerships offer money back / satisfaction guarantees for a couple days / some number of miles. Maybe try to see if they have anything like that?

maybe go to social media? Reviews / public dissatisfaction might encourage the dealer to make it right?

Alternatively, you signed the lease so you must have felt comfortable with the price. You could just forget the good deal / bad deal aspect of it since it’s something you could afford.

The dealership certainly didn’t do you any favors with that pre-paid maintenance offer.

It’s a nice car. Hard to find. Does not lease well to begin with.

If you are happy with it when you got it you should still be happy with it now.

Sounds like they charged you all that over mileage, tires and any damages into your new lease.

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$3k overage and 2 tires = ~$1,350 ($28/mo extra)


Oh dang so this is going to be a lot harder now.
My best suggestion at this point would be a lease buy out and financing with a bank that gives you the lowest APR. I think this would be your best bet since your 47k doesn’t go straight to the dealership but rather to a car you’d own. Use it for 3 years or however long you want and then trade it in.
Another suggestion would be to go and talk to the dealership and mention that family and friends told you that the deal was a “bad deal” and see if they are willing to work with you on restructuring.

Thanks for recommendation here. Should I go through their general manager, sales manager, or the finance guy? Who do you think has the best power here in this case.

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They bent you over and laughed at you when u drove off the lot. Their is no way their gonna work with you. If they do I would DEF be surprised. Crappy thing is ur not the first one here to ask and you won’t be the last. Best of luck!

BTW let us know the dealership.


Probably you should go to the general manager and express your dismay.
I would walk into the dealership rather than calling them.
Hopefully, they are willing to work with you but like others have said they knew that this was a horrible deal and must have been extremely happy you signed.
Let us know what happens!

Can I ask what do they offer in that maintenance package? Over a span of 3 years my e43 only cost me 700 in maintenance oil change maybe some windshield fluid.