Got in a crash - how will lease pan out?

I’m assuming I won’t get my down payment back. What else can I expect?

wHaT DoEs YoUr LeAsE CoNtRacT SaY?!


Is it totaled?

Yes. Chevy.

In what mystery state? Which bank?

I got it in so cal thru chevy financialHere on hackr!

Fixed tags. Unless something has changed

i dont anticipate having equity. Do i lose my downpayment?

Yes you do

Your lease is X months in duration.

Every month, beginning on the day you drove the car home, you’ve gotten 1/X of your upfront money back – plus what you saved in finance charges.

So on a 24-month lease, for example, totaling your car in the 20th month means you’ve recouped more than 83% of what you would have otherwise paid on a $0 DAS deal.

There’s no mechanism to “get a down payment back.”

You might receive some money back depending on what the insurance payout is and what the remaining balance is.

So what are those two numbers?


Why most people say do not put a down payment cause of this reason.

I hope your down payment is basically DAS.

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It was. Thanks.

Curious. What was the mystery can, down payment, months left and lease terms?
But yeah, check your contract

Yeah consider that gone.