Got hosed once, never again - 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited/Overland/High Altitude

Coming out of a ‘16 JGC Limited with the lux package and have loved it. I’ve spent an hour on this forum and realized I probably got hosed on my last deal, here are the brief details on it:

MSRP: $45000
Selling Price: somewhere around $44000
Incentives: What?
MF: didn’t know what this was…
Terms: 36/12
Payment: 559 :roll_eyes:
Location: NC

I am currently trying to decide between the 3 trims above for the new lease. The other posts I’ve read show deals signed in the northeast or out west, but I haven’t been able to find any signed in my area. That said, I have a few questions:

  1. Are you guys negotiating with dealers nearby or are you willing to travel to close a deal? Any drawbacks to buying out of state outside of the travel/shipping costs? I’m willing to travel to get these deals I’m seeing in NY/NJ…
  2. Is everyone negotiating on a vehicle on the dealer lot or one they special order? I assume the best deals are had on available inventory, but I’m curious if anyone has negotiated on a special order.
  3. Is it best to just send an email out to several dealers with a build sheet and ask for lease terms?

Based on what I am seeing, the High Altitude or Overland trim could be had for similar or less money than I’m currently paying. True or no?

Thanks in advance!

Yikes! I have a similar 2016 JGC Limited for $330/month but glad you found LH this time around.

  1. Yes you can pretty much lease a car anywhere as long as they are willing to register it in NC.

  2. Typically you are going to get a better discount/deal on a car on their lot, than ordering one. Use to find builds that match what you are looking for and can sort by which have been sitting the longest on the lot.

  3. Yes, find the cars you want via cargurus and email as many dealers as possible. You also should find out all the numbers from the Edmunds forums like residual, MF, incentives, etc. they can get tricky as they can vary by build and/or location. You want to negotiate the dealer discount/sales price since you should know the rest of the numbers. Your 2% discount last time around was very very bad.

Better yet, just hire a broker or take one of the broker deals. Think there was a JGC Limited deal posted for low $300s this month.

If you want, post your current lease contract (mask any personal info) and someone here will walk you through every aspect so you don’t make the same mistake again. It’s all outlined fairly well if you know how to interpret it.

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What is the average cost to hire a broker? Any recommendations?

Every broker is different. Their charges range from 300 dollars per deal to 1% of the selling price. It really just depends.

Also, search the marketplace for recent Jeep Grand Cherokee deals to get an idea of what you should expect

Personally I’d look at something else. Driving the same car for 6 years kinda defeats the point of leasing


I have done that…that’s how I found out how bad my first deal was. Hoping to move into a higher trim level with a lower payment, seems entirely possible based on what I’ve read.

I like the JGC? Will probably move to different trim/color combo.

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I have been back and forth with a couple of dealers and this one has come down to an offer I think is reasonable. They will not send over the full offer sheet for fear of other dealers looking over it, so I do not have all the details.

Here is the window sticker:

MSRP $53775

36/12 - 535/mo
42/12 - $525/mo

I have asked for residual on the 42/12. Both only require first month DAS. More room or pull the trigger?


36/12 - 48
42/12 - 44

Without the full offer sheet to look at selling price, incentives, MF, etc., it’s hard to tell where there might be room left on this deal.

I’d also caution against a 42 month lease - way more chance of needing to replace the spendier items (brakes, tires, etc.).


Not sure if you’re willing to sacrifice on a few options but I’ve gotten some quotes on the JGC Laredo E with the package that mirrors what the Limiteds look like.
I think the differences are there isn’t full leather, no power read lift gate, and maybe a few others.
I’ve gotten offers in the low 400’s with 36/15k only first month DAS. These are in NW PA.

I have contacted several dealers and am having trouble getting any type of pricing out of them without coming in or submitting a credit app. Only 2 of the 5-6 I have spoken with have offered terms, none have sent a formal lease quote.

Any suggestions on how to move this along? I have a couple vehicles picked out with same trim, options, etc at different dealers, just trying to see who is willing to offer the best deal.

You shouldn’t need a formal lease quote off the bat. Work down the selling price pre-incentives on the unit. Once you are where you want to be, confirm the MF, then the lease numbers.

You can do a lot better than what you were quoted unless your regional incentives are vastly different which I doubt. Spend a couple hundred bucks on hiring a broker, it will pay itself off within a few months of your term.

I did do a search for a broker in my region (NC/Southeast), but did not see anyone local. I exchanged a few emails with one in the NE but never heard back.

From what gather I’m eligible for $5000 in rebates through 6/3.

This is a 2019 Overland 4 x 4 with advanced safety package. Need opinions here. As far as I know I qualify for $5000 in incentives, standard $3500 plus $1500 as a returning lessee. Not sure where the extra $500 comes from. Discount is a little low, but this dealer is bringing the vehicle in, it is not on their lot.

MSRP: 51,985
Sale Price: $48,126
$5500 (total rebates)
Total: $42,626+++

MF= .00017
Residual = 50% ($25,992.50)

Sale Price $42,926 (after all rebates)

36 mo. lease
0 down

12K --> $529/month

Thoughts? I have a line on a vehicle with the same equipment at two dealers who frankly haven’t given me time of day. I’m sure this dealer is taking it from one of the two, it’s the only one within 150mi with same equipment. Do I roll with the dealer who kept in touch or contact the dealers who have it on their lot and make offer?

Try to get 10% off MSRP and then apply the $5500 total rebate you qualify for. This week was the start of a new month so not sure if they are more willing to budge on price compared to last day of the month.

If you are in a hurry reply back to the dealer that is going to get the car for you and counter them. Or use your current offer and see if the other 2 dealers can go lower.

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Thats pretty good for 36/12 assuming the 529 includes taxes, fees, etc. and you only pay first month upfront. If you owe tax & fees on top of that, it’s not terrible but you may be able to push for 10% before needing to shop around more for counter offers.

I think most Overland or higher trims posted lately have been in the 5’s with at least something paid upfront. I would avoid going over 36 months for sure, even if you save some money on the monthly, you likely spend it all on registration renewal, and knowing Jeep probably tires and brakes.

We have a Grand Cherokee and it would seem risky to lease one with the all-new redesign launching this winter. I imagine that’s going to slam resale values–we’re selling ours soon. I think current gen is handsome but so long in the tooth, we wouldn’t want to drive it another 36 months, personally. The new Wrangler Unlimited seems to be leasing well, did you inquire about it?