Good SUV deals in So Cal or California in General

Hi Hackers

I’m looking for a SUV for our family (me, the wife and our two babies) at the most economical deal possible. So far the Kia Niro EV Hybrids seem to be the best kinda deals out there.

Does anyone have any good deal tips to share regarding this?

Huge thanks in advance!

Purchase or lease?
5 seaters or 7/8?

Hi Jeff,

Looking at a lease, 5 seater. She’s a Nissan 2014 Sentra to trade in that’s owned. I’ve a 2018 BMW 320i that’s leased, I’m rolling over into a 2 month extension as I came to the end of the lease. I took 15,000 miles a year and am around 9,000 miles under that. If trade ins are an option to get a better deal hers is eligible, with mine (from my understanding right now) I don’t think it’s possible unless dealing with certain car companies to buy out my leased BMW.

We’re probably looking to downsize to the one vehicle for our particular needs and wait for the market changing in the future back nearer the good ol days when I got my 3 series lol.

Take your bmw to autonation in buena park, they’ll give you pretty competitive offer. Leasehackr also has equity hackr through autoleaseninjas at the front page, so you can try them out too.

Your nissan is purchased, so you can trade that one in anywhere.

Niro Ev sounds like best “deal” for you based on your description of need. Not the hybrid. Of course as long as u are able to charge at home. The Niro battery system is older, so it takes over an hour to charge up to 80% even at a fast charger. Tough car to own without having charging available at home.

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EV or hybrid? 2 different cars.
In fact Niro comes in 3 flavors

  • EV
  • PHEV
  • Hybrid.

The best PHEV to lease is a Jeep 4xE right now, better than a Kia. But not the most comfortable ride compared to a Niro, that’s for sure.
A Nissan Leaf is next IF YOU CAN FIND OUT.

Text Jeff as he’s a good broker and will try to help you out.

Which have different state and federal incentives, assuming you purchase. The EV/PHEV are eligible for the Federal Tax Credit (at different levels), CCFR, and CVRP. Assume you’re looking at the outgoing body style and not the newly refreshed 2023, which the PHEV is eligible for the max federal tax credit and likely back on the CVRP list. The hybrid isn’t eligible for any of those.

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We have a charging station where we live, just that for long distance rides like you say it takes a while juicing up.

Tried automation website and got a poor offer under my payoff amount. I think it’s going to be a case of my riding out my two month extension and then seeing where else I can get a good deal. We’ll probably trade my wife’s in as part of lowering payments on whatever SUV we end up getting

Thanks for responding

What kind of deals are the Jeep 4xE leasing at to your knowledge? Ball park figure. Thanks for your response :+1:t3:

There’s a HUGE thread here, but it looks like $400 /month 0 down.

actually for socal, you’re probably looking at closer to 500-520/month with 1k due at signing. 500-700 broker fee.

Some of the brokers located out of state charge around 450/month with 2.5k due at signing. 500-700 broker fee and 1.5k shipping fee

Hmm in another thread someone said you could get it as low as $360 with MSDs, that’s what I am basing it on.

in cali? Would love to see that post if you can find it

And just to be clear to OP, the jeep wranglers have a 3-4 month wait time from ordering.

Was probably the net payment on a 1pay from many months ago and not factoring in shipping, registration, etc.

4XEs are definitely not going for $400-$499 in California with just driveoffs this month

Jeep doesnt allow MSDs


TBH, you’d be hard pressed to find a vehicle with a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than a RAV4. Cash or finance.

It was here but the guy is in a Tax Free State so enjoyed low TTL

Yeah. Every 1k in tax saved is roughly 30/month cheaper. So it makes sense.

May numbers are much higher than april numbers

i think the nissan leaf is the best leasing deal right now. I would reach out to Nissan of Costa Mesa to see their deals

We can get you a Sahara 4xe order (based on a 58k msrp) for
$460/month+tax with drive offs from our AZ store

Residuals and money factor would be based on delivery month.