Good Mercedes GLE 350 deal?

The discount in your calculator is about 7%. Hypothetically speaking, if the discount was 12%, would you be alright with the payment the calculator is showing?

This is not the correct calculator has 1.25% and it’s supposed to be 1.5. I’ve tried numerous times to redo it but I won’t let me paste here (it’s empty).
They also took the 1st payment or cash up front off as I told them I will not be coming to get the car tomorrow. Update. They just sent me another offer at 905.68 with nothing due at signing!!


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I couldn’t get it to work :flushed:.

At 905 with zero due it looks like your deal would be more like 9% off now if this calc is correct. Is it a good lease in general? Maybe not. But it may be at or approaching a good deal for this specific vehicle.


I know Mercedes GLE don’t lease that well, but it’s my 6th one and just to show u how screwed I got last time (different dealer). I’m currently paying $957 on a 2020, put $1200 down, MF was .00149 and now will be paying $51 less on a brand new one with 1st payment covered and nothing down. I don’t feel like buying right now and an electric vehicle doesn’t fit my lifestyle whatsoever!! I chose the 42 month lease because I want it to end at the end of the year when you get better deals! I’ve learned a lot from this site as well as Edmunds, Leasehackr was a little hard to figure out but finally did. Next time around I’ll probably buy!!


There’d be no reason for LH to exist if emulating those people were the goal.

If you want an X5 or a GLE you simply need to finance them and hold onto them for 5+ years. These are not leasable cars.

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