Good Lease Deal on a 2020 Limited Tundra 4x4?

Zip Code: 28411

Selling Price: $51,350

Discount: $2,987

trade in: $1,000
Cash down: $1,000

Dealer Fee: $699
Non tax fee: $1,092

Monthly payment 526, 36/12

Some of the brokers on here can get you a better deal. The discount is too small. Does it include the $1,000 incentive?

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I am not too sure what all the discounts are for. Let me ask

Is your trade-in a $1,000 car, or is this positive equity in something that’s worth more? In the latter case, is it a recent model – and what other offers have you gotten for it?

It’s a old car. 2007 Chevy impala LTZ with 197,000 on it.

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I’m $200/mo cheaper. And you would only need a 24 month lease


I’m at 10.5% off msrp and still working on it before the $1,000 incentive. Just checked your zip and that incentive isnt offered to you. Residual values are higher on a 24 month.

he said they did not offer the 24 month lol

Jim is the man…listen to Jim


Use Jim, you’ll save time and money


Purchase price is usually $4-6k below MSRP