Good Lease Deal Bolt Premier?

I am new to leasing and wondering if this is a reasonable deal? Appreciate any advice.



It seems like you’re in California, so I’d reach out to Phil or Trish! The price seems pretty good though

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Waiting for Trish and Phil to Chime in as well. Still in the market.

Why no one actually tag @chevysalesgirl or @ChevyPhil ???

Yea I probably should have done that. Well that’s what two hours of sleep will do to me apparently (make me lose all commonsense)

i dont see dc fast charge… MSRP is too low for it.

trust me you DO NOT want to buy a Bolt without DC fast charge!

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Thanks for the response. It doesn’t have fast charge. I was not interested in it. I have other cars for longer trips. I mainly want to know if this is a reasonable lease deal given this configuration.


Understand if one is going to use it on longer trips. I am not.

FYI, i just got a deal for 299 a month for 36/12k with 0 sign and drive for 35 payments. This is for premier model also.

had like 6500 in rebates(1500 IVC). would have been 500 more if i still had my lease.

Where is this deal located?

Where was this deal from and was it for the Premier optioned out to $43,510? This is quite a bit lower than anything else I have seen.

There are still gonna be times where you will wish you had it. Also it will dramatically affect the resale value of the car.

How are folks thinking about whether to go with the LT vs. Premier? I like some of the added features on the Premier, but would also love saving a healthy chunk on monthly payment going with an LT with some solid options.

How much dealer discount did you get?

I think that’s a pretty personal decision. Everyone has different priorities. I’d probably go for cheaper payments.

Yeah, I keep going back to whether some of the additional options on the Premier are truly critical. I do think some of the safety options make me feel better about having an infant in the car, but it’s not as if the LT is an unsafe vehicle.

where was this dealer located.


Let us know which dealer and salesperson please.

This was at Cerritos Penske. Sales was Rhea Little. I don’t know if they have IVC left. Have to ask them. I know there were other bolts buyers as well.