Good Lease Deal? 2019 Ram 1500 DT 4WD Crew Cab Big Horn - Newbie

Hi all, Sorry im really new at leases and this is what I was quoted today at the dealership. I shopped around probably 6 dealerships and this was the best deal I was confronted with,… does this seem like a good deal to you guys? Thanks for any help you might have!

MSRP: 50,580.00
Accessories: 0.00

Adj. Market Value: 50,580.00
Discount: 5,382.00

Vehicle Price: 45,198.00
DMV Fees: 33.50
Documentation Fee: 250.00
Tax: 3,067.74
Trade In Payoff: 2,140.00

Delivered Price: 50,689.24
Rebates: 9,000

Unpaid Balance: 41,689.24

$0 down - 36 months 15k miles $514 /month.
lease cash 4,750.00
residual 27,313.20

That’s all the data I have on the deal,… Again I apologize if I am doing this wrong im pretty new at all this. Just seeing if im getting at least an OK deal. Let me know! Thank You for your time!