Good Lease Deal? 2019 Audi S3


Year/Make/Model: 2019 Audi S3 Premium Plus
MSRP: $53,025
Sale Price: $46,981 (11.4%)
Rebates: $3,500
Adj Sale Price: $43,481 (18%)
Monthly Payment: $571 ($622 w/ tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $920 drive off (upfront fees + first months payment)
Upfront Charges: $151.97 DMV, $144 Doc Fees
Fees being rolled in: $895 Credit Acquisition
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00065 (9 MSD’s would get me down to .00005. $540/$588 w/ tax)
Residual: 48%

I’ve been working on this deal for the last two weeks or so. Car has been on the lot for 100’s of days. Dealer told me that they were incentivized for EOM/EOY dealership rewards. It’s getting towards crunch time now, being the end of the year. What do you think? Good deal? Anything glaring? Could I push a bit harder due to EOM/EOY?

Any/all comments, concerns, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Seems pretty solid to me. Audi lease residuals — like the 48% here — are just so relatively low. S3 historically I’ve seen have never leased all that well.

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If you add AudiCare for 999, you can bump up the residual by 1%. Works very well if you were planning on using Audi for service anyway. The dual clutch transmissions are expensive to maintain!
AudiCare is also refundable somewhat refundable in the event of a total loss — you can can add it to the driveoff if you’d like.

Appears to be a good deal on a S3.

This looks pretty bad to me for what it is. I know programs change but I negotiated two deals for friends on 60-63K S4’s for $650 per month (inclusive of 7% tax) with a $650 drive off. One was in July the other in September. Have you looked at the S4? I bet you can get one for around the same price, it has a much nicer interior and better performance and a redesign is coming very soon so they are dealing.

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+1 on S4. Unless you’re set on S3, take a look at S4. Can be had for the same price and the car is way nicer, well IMHO.