Good? First lease since visiting this website....LR Velar



2019 LR RR Velar P380 HSE R-Dynamic
82k MSRP
3999 DAS


You’re in New England? Speak to @Bostoncarconcierge


I did, he actually helped me negotiate this deal, he was excellent to work with and an amazing resource. I had a trade which made it slightly more complicated but in the end I feel pretty happy about it. Just confirming with the community. Also I would recommend Mike @Bostoncarconcierge highly. Excellent communication, great variety of deals and just nice to talk to!


Phenomenal deal. I’d sign that in a heartbeat.


Thanks, I did sign and am picking up Friday! I think my wife will be very surprised. It’s going to be quite a change from the Chevrolet Tahoe she has been driving! I appreciate the feedback!


I would die for that deal! Congratulations!