Good deal? Toyota Highlander XLE AWD

I don’t have the breakdown of all the numbers but trying to get a general idea on whether this is a good deal .

MSRP: $42,717
Money down: 2k
12k miles 36 mo lease
$333 (includes tax)
92128 Zip

If you are in south cali looking for a toyota hit up Cody seems to have bottom line pricing

Thanks for the reply! Cody said this was a great deal and to take it.

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Did you end up getting this? What was the selling price?

Yes, I did sign. $365/mo w/gap. Not sure what the selling price was but Cody said the dealer was taking a 2k loss with this deal (which my sales guy confirmed). I’ll try pull the paperwork and get back to you with additional numbers.


This is a really nice deal, what area the dealership is?

They hit you up for over $30 a month on gap. You should’ve tried a 3rd party or called your insurance. Toyota tried the same with me, I honestly had no idea that it wasn’t included since pretty much every other manufacturer includes it (including Lexus). When the finance guy told me it was going to be an extra $33/mo I flipped out and told him it either needed to be at cost or the deal is dead, I hadn’t driven the car off the lot and I can walk no problem. I ended up paying $8.38 a month for it, so I guess their cost is about $300.

Yea, darn. I actually asked my insurance if they offered gap but they didn’t so just went with the dealership. Hate that Toyota doesn’t wrap it into the lease.

I went to Norm Reeves Toyota in San Diego. Ask for Steve the fleet manager.

So I’m in NJ - don’t have all the figures yet but here’s the deal

Monthly inc taxes and fees - $465
Msrp - $42k
Price $38k

With taxes up front $72 off per month

Nah man @Lostinspace - better stay in space than get this deal …

Compared to these deals looks bad,

Lol - I think I’m on another planet right now - thanks for the heads up - I may skip it then