Good Deal on Chevy Volt?

This is the deal I’m getting from my local dealer (CA), I asked for 36 months - dont know if that 39 months is a typo:

$34,095 MSRP
$31,900 cap cost
$595 acq fee
$80 doc fee
$309 lic fee

$6860 lease support (rebate)
$285 first payment GM rebate

.49% residual = $16,706.55
.0004 m/f

$261+tax=$285 LA County 39 mon 10k miles
$389 total drive off includes registration and doc fee

Any help would be appreciated

Pricing was for a 2017.

It’s not bad, but it’s not great.

  1. Don’t do a 39-month lease, you don’t want to pay for a year of registration for those last 3-months
  2. Wait until next weekend and try to get a Private Offer from Chevy, it will drop the payment by about $30: