Good deal on a Wrangler Unlimited Willys W?

Hey, check out this lease deal on a 2018 Wrangler Willy Wheels JK Edition. I know Wranglers don’t lease well, but is this a solid deal? TIA!


You could get a 39K Wrangler Unlimted Sport S JL (the new one)

For $365/Mo with $365 due at signing for 36/10

Where? I’m located in NYC

That money factor is really inflated

Via Chrysler financial or credit union?

I forget if my dealer used Ally or Chrysler capital

I believe it’s through Chrysler. This is my first time even thinking about the Wrangler, after being under the impression that insurance costs were astronomical. Turns out they’re not, and none of the local brokers can find anything for under 400 a month…


Hi. Where can I get this deal? Thanks.

Chicagoland area! 2020202

Ah, crap. I’m in NY. Well, thanks for Gleyber Torres anyway.