Good deal on a 2019 Tahoe Lease in Florida?

Hi everybody, I’m new here so please bear with me, I’ve been searching for a similar post but no luck so far.

Is this a good deal on a Tahoe?

MSRP: $52,000
2019 Tahoe LS with
$660 + tax/ month
Zero driveoff
39 months, 10k miles

That’s a bad payment for a base Tahoe. With that said you need to find out the sale price and MF for the quote you are getting. You’re likely looking at a bad discount or MF markup.

@chevysalesgirl or @ChevyPhil can probably give you a ballpark of where that lease should be with aggressive discounts, as long as the programs in your area aren’t vastly different than California.

Hi Supakimchee, thanks for the advise!

Also figure out what incentives you qualify for, that can really change the optics of a deal - if you don’t qualify for anything versus having supplier, current lease, GM card top up, or event GM card rewards money, etc.
You get the point!

In general these usually don’t lease particularly well but with the right discount and combination of incentives you can come close to 1%. Also check rebates and expand you quotes to Yukon’s if you like those as well.

Hi LeaserOC,

I’m trying to learn more about leases. If not at 1% or below, what percentage range would be close to be called an acceptable deal?

It’s just a general rule but I try to stick to it. 660 plus tax on a 52k car is a bad deal. There are just so many great cars you can lease for that. Like others have said a lot of it is going to depend on the incentives so go to Edmonds or auto bytel and let us know what they are. Also you’re going to have to email as many dealer as you can until one plays ball. What region are you in?