Good deal on 2019 Mazda CX-5 Touring Pref Package?


Hi guys,

Wondering if this is a good deal-
Went to a dealer in NY today and got this for the
2019 Cx5 Touring preferred package-

$30,000 sale price
$2400 DAS (including tax, title, all fees etc and first months payment)
36/15k miles (need the miles)

Didn’t get the MF or residual although I asked but at that point he got weird and understandably so (I’m assuming most customers don’t ask for that or understand how a lease breaks down etc)

He said all that was imp was my monthly payment and how much down I put.

I know that’s not true unless of course it’s a great deal like $0 DAS and $330/month etc

Anyways - is this a decent deal? Has anyone gotten better recently in New York or Long Island ?


This is 416 a month, think you can do much better. Just worked a deal for a family member on a 2019 cx9 gt, 36/10 but for 395 all in, zero due at signing. You need to find out incentives and the you can figure out how much the dealer is discounting.

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Where do you live? That’s a great deal and you got a GT! But I do need 15k vs 10k which would make mine more than your $390/month but I don’t know how much more…

This was in central PA