Good deal on 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 4motion?

Got this quoted out today, and I was pretty satisfied:

MSRP: $31,xxx (can’t remember exact numbers)
Discounts: $1500 conquest $1500 dealer rebate $300 Costco discount
36 months 10k miles per year
$306/month $0 down no payments for 45 days
$316/month $0 down no payments for 45 days 12k miles/year 36 months
.00001 money factor. 55% residual I believe. Residual for 12k /year mileage deal was $18,205.80. I don’t know what the exact residual was for the 10k/year was.

I think this is a really solid deal. What do you guys think?

That looks pretty good, especially since the usual drive-off fees have been rolled into the payments.

The general rule of thumb is that $100/month for every $10,000 MSRP is considered a great deal.

Cool, I thought that it sounded like a good deal.

How much would the 2 year lease be?

Not sure VW offers 2 year lease terms.

I just leased a 2016 Tiguan S for 244 a month
$228.38 plus $20.55 (9% tax) = $248.93 total with 1st payment and tags down ( $547.03 total)
.00001 money factor
61% residual
$24662 selling price which includes "Conquest cash ($1500) as well as all available Vw lease cash)
MSRP 28000
3 year 12K

Best I got so far was $141 per month + tax, but then $2500 for first month, so that screwed up the “deal” I thought I finally found. What is the VW Lease cash, have not seen that (only the conquest cash )

The conquest cash was all I got. They also gave me 350 cash back to cover my mini cooper disposition fee.